Dr Sachith's Skin Clinic                       Dermatologist in Bangalore

Dr Sachith Abraham, Medical Director  & HOD of Dermatology , Manipal Hospital

Dr Sachith's skin clinic is one of 

the best dermatology clinics in Bangalore for skin and hair care. Dr Sachith Abraham specialises

in medical 

and cosmetic dermatology procedures

including laser, peels, microdermabrasion 

and other antiaging treatments.General skin conditions are also treated in our clinic.

Dr Sachith Abraham is a graduate of
Bangalore Medical College and 
Manipal University and he is also a consultant and head of the department at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore.

All the treatments are customised 
according to the sensitivity of the skin. 
Other skin disorders like 
acne, rosacea, warts, pigmentation, nevi, eczema are also treated. Dr Sachith also does the  latest and most effective
chemical peels in Bangalore. This peel is espescially useful to treat pigmentary disorders on the face and neck. Phenol peels and Jessners peels are also offered in select cases.

Dr Sachith Abraham also has a fellowship 
in Lasers from Lasertrolysis of Naples, USA and 
has wide experience in treating
all kinds of skin problems. 
Dr Sachith Abraham is also a cosmetic dermatologist and 
performs lot of innovative 
skin procedures.
He was 
awarded the Fulford Award for 
excellence in dermatology in the year 1998.

Dr Sachith Abraham always strives to maintain a high degree
of dermatology standards. Other treatments for aging skin including
yellowpeels, ultrasilk peels, 
microdermabrasion, botox, fillers and 
ipl lasers are performed here.A special tca peel using diluted tca and mandelic acid is also done in our clinic to improve hyperpigmentation.  Please visit our clinic for a detailed consultation.
Dr Sachith's clinic is located in Koramangala, near the hundred feet road and is well connected by public bus and transport.

dr sachith's skin clinic

Consultation charges- 700 rs.

Skin tips -  always use a sunblock
                 smoking aggravates the formation of wrinkles
                 smoking makes your skin look old
                 large pores can be treated with microdermabrasion and laser
                 large warts can be treated using cryotherapy
                 peels and laser can be used as an antiaging treatment
                 do not touch acne as it may lead to scars
                 psoriasis is an autoimmune disease